Horticulture As Therapy


Produced by: Margaret Nevett, HTR
Directed by: Ron Meraska
(47 minutes)

"Horticulture As Therapy" is a comprehensive look at the profession of Horticultural Therapy (HT) through interviews with the top Horticultural Therapists in Canada (Christine Pollard HTM, Mitchell Hewson HTM and others).

The history and benefits of HT are explained including the settings and special populations involved. Teamwork and safety issues are discussed as well as our important professional associations and educational opportunities.

Visual examples of HT activities and testimonials from participants working at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Guelph, Ont. and The Guelph Enabling Garden, help to provide an in-depth look at the valuable experience of using horticulture as therapy.

The final section on Enabling Gardens (including the Sunnybrook Hospital Veterans’ Garden in Toronto), demonstrates some important design considerations when creating a therapeutic garden.

This DVD will be useful for Horticultural Therapists to use as a communication tool for program development and funding. Educational resources and contact information are provided for anyone interested in studying Horticultural Therapy.


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