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“Horticulture As Therapy” DVD

“Horticultural Therapy is using horticulture as a tool to develop a relationship with clients to improve their cognitive, physical, social and behavioral functioning.”

- Mitchell Hewson - HTM
Homewood Health Centre, Guelph, ON

“Horticultural Therapy is a tool for rehabilitation. It’s also a tool to maintain the health that we already have, to prevent deterioration.”

“Horticultural Therapy is planned, it’s deliberate and it’s documented.”

- Christine Pollard - HTM
Home Farm HT Certificate, Duncan, B.C.

“I hear so many times… ‘Oh, I can’t garden anymore’ and the response is Never give it up, just change your thinking about what a garden is.”

- Nancy Lee-Colibaba - Horticultural Therapy Coordinator
Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, ON

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Horticulture As Therapy features Master level Horticultural Therapists Christine Pollard and Mitchell Hewson.

This is a comprehensive introduction and explanation of the history, benefits, settings and special populations for Horticultural Therapy. Resources on how to become a Horticultural Therapist and contact information for education provided. Also includes a special section on designing enabling gardens.

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