Margaret Nevett

Registered Horticultural Therapist

Gardening For Life Horticultural Therapy services are created by Margaret Nevett, HTR. Margaret’s extensive background and experience in horticulture and garden design, combined with comprehensive studies in Horticultural Therapy have led to a strong desire to meet the needs of gardeners of all abilities.

What is Horticultural Therapy?
"Building on that special connection between people and plants, Horticultural Therapy uses gardening and plant-related activities in professionally conducted programs to improve people’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning."

Horticultural Therapy Certificate Program at Toronto Botanical Garden

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- Margaret Nevett - Horticultural Therapist
From 'Healing Horticulture' Landscape Ontario Trades Magazine, June 2007

“Horticulture As Therapy" DVD

Horticulture As Therapy features Master level horticultural therapists Christine Pollard and Mitchell Hewson.

Gardening For Life created this DVD to provide a clear explanation of the benefits of Horticultural Therapy, to make it easily understood and embraced as a necessary alternative therapy in our health care system. We also hope to motivate those already working in health care or horticulture to consider extending their career to this satisfying field of study.